Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal and is the type of person I’d never get tired of.

In a world full of fake people, Stevie is authentic, unapologetic, and just the coolest girl around. It’s weird that I think I know her but I’m pretty sure we’re bonded by her songwriting. If I ever were to meet her, I would simply say “thank you”. Thank you for writing, for sharing your poetry, your fashion style, but mostly because I feel like I live through your songs, through your voice and through your music.

Stevie has the gift to write in the most beautiful poetic way what most of us feel at some point in our lives but we can’t seem to put it quite into words. She makes you actually listen to the lyrics, relate to them, and make the song your own. And if you have too much time in your hands you can go ahead and read between the lines and get a little preview into her life.

From Buckingham Nicks to Fleetwood Mac to Stevie Nicks as a solo artist - I’m a fan of it all. I could probably fill in for a backup singer any day because I know every single song.

There’s not a song that she’s written that I haven’t cried to, danced to, fallen in love to. She just says the right things that fit into this emotional roller coaster that happens to be my life. It goes on to show how we are all so similar and go through the same stuff at the end of the day.

Now that she’s coming out with her “24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault” album which is a collection of songs that she has written throughout her life, written between 1969-1987, 1994 & 1995, my life has a sense of completeness and I’m totally freaking out with excitement. Excuse me while I go breathe into a paper bag. She describes, “each song is a lifetime. Each song has a soul. Each song has a purpose. Each song is a love story.” Basically more amazing songs to relate to our same angst, problems, inner struggles. Stevie sings love songs, and is the queen of the broken heart.

She’s like a fairy godmother to all of us. Throughout her life she’s taught me to be unapologetic for my mistakes and not letting them define me. She’s taught me that it is okay to be emotional, dramatic, and to raise my voice as much as I can.

Oh yeah and she also happens to be my style icon. For a girl who’s nostalgic for the seventies, she is the queen of the ethereal bohemian look, thanks to her signature long gowns, which often feature extreme sleeves, fringed shawls, and layered chiffon skirts. I want it all.

She enchants her audience as soon as she takes the center stage, often with a tambourine in hand and twirling in her diaphanous gowns.

My favorite Stevie Nicks song would have to be Rhiannon - I just feel a special connection to that song and it draws me in every single time. Gypsy would be second favorite. But this video below is literally EVERYTHING. Unaware that she’s being videotaped, all in peach getting her makeup done she starts singing “Wild Heart”:

After all this time she prevails. She’s on a league of her own and that’s why she’s timeless.